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    All Kinds of Coffee & Tea for cold or hot water are found in this shelving. Cocoa, Frisco, Chombe Tea, Freshpack Tea, and many others.

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  • image

    Njuli Coffee    500g   

    MK 1,790

  • image

    Nescafe Ricoffy    100g   

    MK 850

  • image

    Rooibos FreshPack Tea   20bags   

    MK 465

  • image

    Mzuzu Speciality Tea,    150g   

    MK 1,450

  • image

    Satemwa Coffee   500g   

    MK 2,860

  • image

    Chombe Tea   100 Tea bags   

    MK 650

  • image

    Mzuzu Speciality coffee,    250g   

    MK 1,450

  • image

    Nescafe Classic Coffee    250g   

    MK 1,600

  • image

    Chombe Tea   50 Tea bags   

    MK 410

  • image

    Classic Malawi Tea   50bags   

    MK 380

  • image

    Rabs,Classic Pure Malawian Tea   500g   

    MK 660

  • image

    Chombe Tea Economy   250g   

    MK 510

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